Adolescent Treatment


Adolescent Treatment

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We strive to provide our teenage patients with the highest quality orthodontic treatment for a beautiful smile thanks to New Baltimore orthodontist Dr. Brieden. Your teen will enjoy their new smile for many years to come with our cutting-edge orthodontic technology!

What Should Your Teen Know About Orthodontics?

All permanent teeth emerge during adolescence. Additionally, the bones in the face and jaw are still growing rapidly, so it's easier to fix problems like incorrect bites, poor tooth spacing, or misaligned teeth. Later, it becomes more difficult and expensive to treat many orthodontic problems after the face and jaw have stopped growing. 

Because teenagers are so likely to wear braces, your teen is likely to see friends and classmates at our orthodontics office who are also undergoing treatment. It is now time for your child to schedule a consultation with an orthodontist if they are experiencing any orthodontic problems. 

Our East China & New Baltimore Orthodontic Offices

Dr. Brieden will take pictures and x-rays of your teen's mouth to better understand the orthodontic issue. It can be difficult to eat or speak if you have an unaligned bite or crooked teeth. Depending on your teen's x-rays, Dr. Brieden will develop a customized treatment plan that may include metal braces, lingual braces, clear braces, or clear 3M aligners.

To straighten teeth, metal braces use metal brackets and wiring. In comparison to traditional metal braces, modern metal braces are less bulky, more comfortable, and more attractive.  Lingual braces are placed on the back side of the teeth for more discreet treatment. Clear braces use tooth-colored brackets and wiring that are less noticeable than metal hardware. Clear aligners may also be used for minor tooth movement and correction.

The Timeline for Your Teen's Treatment

Depending on your teen's situation, your East China children's orthodontist will set a treatment schedule. The average orthodontic treatment lasts between six and thirty months. Once your teen has completed the treatment, they will most likely need a retainer. A retainer keeps your teen's teeth in place. Retention typically lasts long-term, to hold the teeth in their proper position.

Visit Our New Baltimore or East China Children Orthodontic Offices

After you request an appointment online, Dr. Brieden will devise a treatment plan that is right for your child depending on the severity of the orthodontic issue, your teen's age, and their personal preferences.