Corrective Jaw Surgery


In cases where dental irregularity is too drastic for non-surgical treatment, we offer corrective jaw surgery – orthognathic surgery – to achieve the results patients count on.

Performed at Brieden Orthodontics by a highly qualified oral and maxillofacial surgeon, jaw surgery refers to minimally invasive, in-office procedures like the extraction of wisdom teeth, and the placement of dental implants, or surgery that corrects structural problems with the teeth and jaws. Jaw surgery provides results that, for some patients, cannot be achieved with non-surgical methods like braces and expanders. It can provide life changing results, and mitigate life-threatening orthodontic problems.

Who Can Benefit from Jaw Surgery?

Anyone with tooth misalignment, facial asymmetries, or a dental issue that makes routine activities difficult may benefit from jaw surgery. The procedure is practically and aesthetically beneficial!

Jaw surgery treats conditions such as:

  • Open bite, protruding jaw or receding chin
  • Cleft palate
  • Malocclusions (underbites or overbites)
  • Sleep apnea (in severe cases)
  • Difficulty swallowing and chewing
  • Chronic jaw or jaw joint (TMJ) pain and headache
  • Unbalanced facial appearance
  • Chronic mouth breathing and dry mouth
  • Facial trauma

Contact us or make an appointment, so we can tell you if you’re a candidate for orthodontic surgery! We will make an extended treatment plan to maximize and guarantee the results of your surgery.

The Procedure

We typically begin with a consultation among our doctors and surgeons, developing a comprehensive step-by-step plan for your procedure using diagnostic software and 3-D imaging. In many cases we show you a picture of what your final result will look like.

The surgery will occur at the hospital or at our office, with anesthesia for your comfort. Afterwards, over-the-counter or prescription medication treats minor pain and swelling, and a soft or liquid diet may be recommended during recovery.

Following surgery, we monitor your condition and help you through each phase of the treatment plan. Once complete, you will enjoy a functional smile and an enhanced appearance; undeniable tools for success!

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