Braces in Chesterfield

Braces in Chesterfield
Posted on 12/24/2021

Everybody’s experience with braces is different because treatment is always tailored to fit the patient’s needs. Sometimes braces are used in combination with other appliances, in phases, or alone, and sometimes braces require elastic bands that connect the upper and lower jaw. At Brieden Orthodontics, we approach each patient’s treatment with the perfect combination of tried-and-true, and state-of-the-art methods at our New Baltimore office, to produce beautiful results that will last a lifetime. Here’s the scoop on why some braces come with elastic bands.

What do Elastic Bands on Braces Do?

The types of elastics we’re discussing are different from the tiny oval-shaped rubber bands wrapped around each bracket on a set of traditional metal braces. Those are called ligatures and are used to keep the archwire in place. In addition to the usual ligatures, some patients need longer rubber bands called orthodontic elastics that apply additional pressure in certain areas of the mouth to address a range of concerns.

Types of Elastics

Class I Elastics

Connecting the upper 1st or 2nd molar hook to the upper cuspid hook, these elastics can close the gaps between upper teeth.

Class II Elastics

These elastics connect upper teeth near the front, to lower molars, using tension to move the lower teeth forward and correct an overbite.

Class III Elastics

A reversal of class II elastics, these are used to correct an underbite by advancing the upper teeth and retracting the lower teeth.

What to Expect

If your braces treatment requires the use of elastics, your doctor will supply you with many extras and teach you to attach them to the hooks on your braces. Carry around the extra elastics in case one break or is lost, and replace it as soon as possible, with clean hands. Do not double up your elastics unless instructed, or you could damage the roots of your teeth. Don’t overstretch elastics.

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