Foods To Stay Away From During The Holidays

Foods To Stay Away From During The Holidays
Posted on 12/21/2017

Foods To Stay Away From During The Holidays

The holidays are upon us, and we know that means people everywhere are getting ready for some time spent relaxing, reconnecting with family, and enjoying some delicious holiday treats. But if you're wearing braces, clear aligners, or any other form of orthodontic treatment, you'll need to be careful this holiday season! Certain foods can damage teeth, braces, and aligners, derailing your treatment. As your dedicated orthodontic practice, we at Brieden Orthodontics want to provide a little guidance on how to make this holiday season safe for your braces.

Holiday Foods to Avoid with Braces

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If you're wearing braces during this holiday season, you'll have to be extra careful around the family table. While we all love to indulge during the holidays, certain foods pose a serious risk to brackets, aligners, and teeth – so this year, steer clear of the following foods during the holidays:

  • Corn on the Cob: While it seems innocent, biting into corn on the cob can easily dislodge or break brackets. Instead, cut the corn kernels off the cob and eat them on their own – just as delicious, with no threat to braces!
  • Caramel: Whether it's caramel, gum, taffy, or anything else, sticky candies can do serious damage by getting stuck in brackets. Avoid eating any caramel or candy that's sticky or gooey. If you want to indulge, try some milk chocolate or a bite of something soft, like cheesecake.
  • Hard Candies: Candy canes, peanut brittle, pecan pie – anything that's crunchy, hard, or tough to chew can easily damage braces. This year, stay away from anything that's particularly hard, crunchy, or difficult to bite into. Your braces will thank you for it!

In addition to avoiding certain foods, you'll also have to be diligent in caring for teeth and braces. You should floss daily and brush your teeth at least four times a day with braces: once after breakfast, once after lunch, once after dinner, and once before bed. If you eat anything sugary, it's also important to brush teeth after that. With proper care and a diligent watch on your diet, however, you can keep your braces safe and safeguard your new smile!

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We hope these tips make this year's holiday season a little easier to navigate with braces, and if you have any questions, we're always here to help. As a leading orthodontist proudly serving the New Baltimore and East China areas, we've helped countless patients revolutionize their smiles through quality orthodontic treatment. Feel free to contact us with any questions on navigating the holiday season, and don't hesitate to request an appointment online if you want a checkup after the holiday festivities are over. We wish you luck in keeping your teeth and braces safe through the New Year, and we wish you a happy holiday season!