Reasons to Consider Early Orthodontic Treatment

Reasons to Consider Early Orthodontic Treatment
Posted on 11/09/2018

Reasons to Consider Early Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontists are well-known for creating the smile that you take pride in today. Less commonly known, however, is that early orthodontic treatment is not only recommended, but it can be critical to your child’s oral development. Brieden Orthodontics is the answer to your search for a family orthodontist who serves children and adults alike. That being said, how do you know when it’s time to take your child to an orthodontist?  

Why Early Orthodontic Treatment Is Important

Orthodontic problems are often easier to treat when detected at an early stage. Interceptive orthodontics—treatments delivered by orthodontists while the child is still developing—is optimal for obtaining top results. Early detection and treatment while the child develops may eliminate the need for more intrusive orthodontic procedures. For example, since a child’s jaw is still growing at a young age, a palatal expander can be an effective orthodontic intervention to treat an incorrect bite. If this condition is not treated promptly, it may require a more intensive treatment such as oral surgery.

The following additional symptoms may benefit from early orthodontic treatment as well:

  • Early or late loss of baby teeth
  • Tongue thrusting
  • Mouth breathing
  • Thumb sucking

Early screening does not mean that treatments will need to start immediately. Instead, early orthodontic screenings will provide you with peace of mind and the ability to plan ahead for the best treatment for your child’s orthodontic needs. Contact Brieden Orthodontics in Marysville to set up an appointment with an experienced children’s orthodontist.

How Early is “Early Orthodontic Treatment?”

According to the American Academy of Orthodontists (AAO), your child should have an orthodontic examination by the time they are 7 years old. This age is ideal for a number of reasons. In general, this is the age when your child has a mix of both adult (permanent) and temporary (baby) teeth. This means that your children’s orthodontist can confidently determine whether or not your child’s mouth will have enough room to accommodate permanent teeth. Again, early orthodontic examination does not necessarily mean your child will start treatment at age 7. On average, most children don’t begin orthodontic treatment until ages 9-14.

Early Treatment at Brieden Orthodontics

At Brieden Orthodontics, we understand that even the smallest mouths deserve expert care. Through early orthodontic treatment, you can increase the effectiveness of intervention while reducing the need for more intensive treatments later on in your child’s life. Conveniently located in the Marysville area, Brieden Orthodontics is ready to serve you as an effective and personal family orthodontist. Set an appointment today to begin working on a better future for your child!