Why Orthodontic Retention is So Important

Why Orthodontic Retention is So Important
Posted on 02/15/2022

You’ve surely seen and heard about the incredible results people can achieve by getting braces, you might even know that for the best outcome some people need a palatal expander before their braces, but what about after? Brieden Orthodontics has helped countless patients unlock a new smile with braces in New Baltimore, and today we’re discussing the importance of retention, the final stage of orthodontic treatment that locks in results.

What is Retention?

Orthodontic retention is the process of preventing newly straightened teeth from migrating back into their old positions. Even after your braces come off, your teeth are going to continue to shift slightly throughout your life, so the goal of retention is to keep them from doing so and preserve your new smile. Retention is accomplished by wearing a retainer day and night for a designated time, and then at night a few times a week indefinitely.

Types of Retainers

There are two primary types of removable retainers, Invisible Retainers, and Hawley Retainers. Some people get a permanent metal retainer bonded to the backside of the lower teeth, but most patients wear removable retainers.

Invisible retainers look a lot like Invisalign, but instead of wearing a progression of different sets that move your teeth over time, you have just one that keeps your teeth in place. Invisible retainers tend to last 6 months to a year before needing replacement.

Hawley retainers consist of a plastic plate that rests snugly against the hard palate on the top or bottom of the mouth, with a wire that wraps around the front of the teeth. These retainers come in a variety of colors and designs and can last 5 to 10 years.

Why Is Retention Important

Orthodontic treatment is time-consuming and expensive, and your new smile was an investment in a lifetime of health and wellbeing, so protect it! Prevent the need for a further correction down the road by wearing your retainer as instructed, and your brilliant smile will thank you.

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